Sunburn Film Festival. The flagship underground film festival and peer group review by Tampa Bay Film. Invitation only.



The flagship underground film festival series of TAMPA BAY FILM

Invitation only. Private peer review film festivals. Turning up the heat on independent film.

Do you love independent film? Do you want independent filmmaking in Tampa Bay to succeed, and both the resulting independent films and the filmmakers behind them to be respected by the industry and the big film festivals? Really?
Don’t be a mindless follower, a spineless, needy film fan who promotes and praises everything. It’s time to be critical. Problems need to be recognized and addressed. Talented independent filmmakers and their films need to be recognized and supported!
Call them as you see them! Be real if you want to really be supportive!
This is why we are going to screen and review independent films, as well as make the filmmakers behind them accountable for what they say and do. We are genuinely passionate and supportive of Independent film in Tampa Bay! Soon, some of you will be equally supportive, too, but in the right way! It’s tough love in the best way!
We are a genuine movement for genuine people. If you are real, and are passionate about independent film, we invite you to join us in our cause!

UPDATE 01/14/15/1021 - Web site about to launch. Events to debut in 2015.
After almost two years of delays and being put on hold, the Sunburn underground film festival and peer group review will debut in 2015, and we have several of these of these small, but effective, underground film festival events planned, as well as a stack of independent films to review. Actually, we have enough independent films to review to last over six events, and probably a lot more, as some of these films are features. We will also watch and review independent films on the Tampa Bay Film online film festival.
Development of the Sunburn Film Festival and other underground film festivals had a trade off benefit, too, as it made regular, public film festivals cheap and easier to do. With the advancement made by underground film festival development, we developed a powerful, cost-effective, sustainable public monthly film festival called the Coffeehouse Film Festival. We were planning on debuting it this year, in 2015, and running it once per month thereafter, but we put it on hold for a few reasons. It’s ready to launch, however.
For now, it is all about the Sunburn Film Festival, which is our Slamdance to the Sunscreen Film Festival’s Sundance.
First, however, we have to put together and launch a web site here. We will get to that once Tampa Bay Film is caught up.

UPDATE 07/10/14/1025 - Content added to the Sunburn Film Festival placeholder site.
We added s
everal pages of content to the single page, which is this page, of the placeholder web site of the Sunburn Film Festival, today.
We also added a test faux menu, which is not final and can be changed at any time, in preparation for our new Revolution Class web site, to be launched this Summer, 2014.
Our first underground film festival and peer group review will be in the Fall of 2014, after our web site launches. Expect the coverage of these Sunburn film festivals to be extensive on our web site, as well as on Tampa Bay Film.
Our new site, once our events begin, will have participant bios and sections, written reviews, video reviews, and even an online film festival for the films that we watch online (or which are available online) to show you the films that we are reviewing and are commenting on.

The Sunburn Film Festival is not affiliated with the Sunscreen Film Festival, nor do we endorse them or what they do; in our opinion, they do not properly support independent film, if at all, and are more set up to promote mainstream movies and to sell filmmaking workshops which are not relevant to independent filmmaking. Also in our opinion, those filmmaking workshops are more set up to make money from aspiring filmmakers instead of teach them anything useful or to help them.
The intention of our branding was not malicious, nor was it intended to confuse anyone. There is no conflict or confusion in branding because we are a private, underground film festival series and peer group review which screens and reviews independent films, and our emphasis is on reviewing independent film rather than promoting it. If the independent films are worth promoting, they will be promoted on Tampa Bay Film with supporting interviews and articles, and screened on the online film festival if available, as well as at our large, public film festival event properties.
The Sundance Film Festival had the Slamdance Film Festival to contend with, which was formed as a backlash to Sundance. Sunscreen, which in no way are we comparing to the awesomeness which is Sundance, has us, the Sunburn Film Festival, to contend with, although we are a lot different than they are in form and function, so the Sundance and Slamdance comparison isn’t precise.
The Sunburn Film Festival is the flagship underground film festival and peer group review event series of Tampa Bay Film, and our events are small, private, invitation-only underground film festival events.
The flagship film festival event series of Tampa Bay Film, which is different from an underground film festival, is the upcoming annual Revolution Film Festival, which, in our opinion, other large film festivals in the Tampa Bay such as the Gasparilla International Film Festival (GIFF) and the Sunscreen Film Festival will NOT be able to compete with (If we were them, we would be more concerned with the Revolution Film Festival and its supporting public film festival event properties, all produced by Tampa Bay Film, such as the Tampa Bay Film Showcase monthly film festival and professional networking event series, which feeds into the Revolution Film Festival, as well as the Reverence Film Festival horror theme event film festival and industry events such as the annual Tampa Bay Film Conference, than us. Time may prove that they may not even be able to compete with the monthly Tampa Bay Film Showcase film festivals! Oh, and as far as the workshops that Sunscreen and the Florida Film Network are so eager to offer and sell, Tampa Bay Film will also be offering FREE independent filmmaking and business workshops which are engineered to be superior in every aspect, as well as relevant to independent filmmaking and supportive of filmmakers. Have a nice day, and good luck selling those workshops in the future, because we actually want to help filmmakers get their start, and are going to support talented independent filmmakers!

We love independent film and have a passion for independent filmmaking in Tampa Bay. We want to see films and filmmaking here succeed. That is our purpose, and our agenda.
Of course, that means that we also have to be critical in identifying problems, and addressing those problems, because you can’t fix an issue unless you realize that is exists. We would love to promote and praise every film and filmmaker. Really, we would. In a perfect world of Christmas Guzzo, that would be great! Sadly, however, that is not realistic if we are to be professionally responsible and to be genuinely supportive of independent filmmaking in Tampa Bay to move forward. To blindly support something is not responsible, and it hurts independent film here more than help it. We’re not in the propaganda or the promoting everything “film fan” business, and neither should anyone who genuinely cares about independent films and independent filmmaking in Tampa Bay. That’s why we have to review films and filmmakers.
The true spirit of the Coffeehouse Film Review (CFR) and the Tampa Film Review (TFR) is here at our private Sunburn Film Festival events, a spirit which, in our opinion, was proclaimed, but never realized. This is what these monthly film festival events, which ultimately failed (more can be read at CoffeehouseFilmReview.Com, TampaFilmReview.Com, and on Tampa Bay Film, of course), should have been. No bias, ganging up on talented people wanting to get involved to try to sabotage their credibility and reputation in an attempt to drive off a potential competitor, or propaganda. No B.S. No agenda or axe grinding here, and no slander or discrimination, nor discrimination being disguised as something else so that we are all politically correct and resistant to being blamed. Regardless of how we feel about certain filmmakers, we tell you how it is. We put out unbiased and impartial reviews. If the films or the filmmakers are good, we will tell you. If not, we will tall you that, too. It is up to the criticized to fix their mistakes.
Information published on this site, including information presented in videos and in video interviews, are the opinions of the individuals making them, and theirs alone. We did not coach or coerce anyone into forming any opinions that they may have.
The participants of the Sunburn Film Festival film festival events are from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from industry professionals to the target market of independent films (when your target market gives you a review, you have to listen!). Participants and their backgrounds will be listed on this site, as you must consider the source when it comes to any opinion. For privacy purposes, however, and especially for safety considerations, some names may be changed, and personal information may limited.
It is our experience that some filmmakers in the Tampa Bay area cannot handle criticism in any form, and that they, in our opinion, our insecure, petty, unethical, and unprofessional. Be extremely careful when dealing with them, and figure out who you are dealing with before you contact them or support them. It is also our experience that some independent filmmakers in the Tampa Bay area will repay your help by slandering you and spreading rumors about you, which is unethical and unprofessional.

When C. A. Passinault, who experienced first-hand the slander and unprofessional, unethical attacks of some independent filmmakers, first set about setting up the Tampa Bay Film Showcase monthly film festival and professional networking event series to be a “TFR Killer”, the TFR was operating, but, in his opinion, only supported by a small clique of filmmakers and never anywhere near its potential. Although the Tampa Bay Film Showcase, which is a public film festival, is still in the works, and the TFR folded (and failed, in our opinion) in 2009, the irony is that the small, lean, and efficient Sunburn Film Festival underground film festival series and peer group review, may prove to be that TFR killer, as these pure, private film festivals will prove to be what the Tampa Film Review should have been.
As small, private film festivals and peer group reviews, the Sunburn Film Festival is an underground film festival series which is optimized to have low overhead, and can be planned, mobilized, and executed at any number of secret locations in the Tampa Bay area within days, and not weeks or months. These film festivals and peer group reviews are then covered like a regular film festival, and the resulting content from the event is then published here on this web site, as well as on Tampa Bay Film and relevant, related web sites, so that our opinions and reviews can be known.
Our opinions and reviews will be known by everyone, too, and they will have weight, and credibility, because we will qualify what we have to say and make valid points which will demand to be debated. It’s for the good of independent film in Tampa Bay!
If you are a good filmmaker, and make good films, there is no reason to fear us, even if we may have a personal issue with you. The Sunburn Film Festival is NOT set up to slam or to mock anyone. We simply have a passion for independent film, and the Tampa Bay independent film industry, and want to praise good work, while exposing any problems so that they can be addressed.
We intend for our reviews and our opinions to be taken seriously, so we discourage axe-grinding and personal agendas to undermine and discredit filmmakers and their films. That’s not what we are about, and it’s not what we do. Of course, when our personal feelings and our reviews align, we do take pleasure in tearing those subjects apart, and it could become a feeding frenzy which may become entertaining, but slamming filmmakers and their films is NOT our agenda, or our purpose.
We encourage our participants to qualify their reviews and their opinions with specific points whenever possible.


The Sunburn Film Festival, founded on March 23, 2013, is the flagship underground film festival and peer group review by Tampa Bay Film. It is an ongoing series of small, private, invitation-only film festival events which are scheduled and executed quickly, as-needed, with an invited group of V.I.P. guests. Our guests will sit and watch independent films, especially ones made in the Tampa Bay area, and will review the films in a group evaluation. Although these film festivals are not advertised as a public film festival event, nor do we solicit indie film submissions, they are covered like the others are, and this coverage can be experienced on Tampa Bay Film!
The first Sunburn Film Festival will be in the Fall of 2014, at a secret location in the Tampa Bay area, with coverage starting on Tampa Bay Film late in 2013, as the articles have to be written and the video has to be edited with each event. On average, there will be around 6 of these underground film festival events a year.
This official web site for the Sunburn Film Festival has not launched yet, and will launch in the Summer of 2014. Thank you for your patience.


UPDATE 07/10/14/1025 -

03/23/13/1340 - 05/28/14/0807 - 07/10/14/1025 - 01/14/15/1021

This film festival is not affiliated with the Sunscreen Film Festival, which is also in the Tampa Bay, Florida, market. It is a completely different film festival property, with no connection to Sunscreen. The Sunburn Film Festival is not a public film festival, either, and it is not advertised for film submissions or for admission. It is a small, private film festival event which is invitation-only, in which a professional peer group sits around watching and reviewing independent films; especially independent films made in the Tampa Bay area. Of course, coverage is at the same level as a large film festival, so you can catch up on all the excitement as each and every Sunburn Film Festival is covered in features, articles, interviews, reviews, photographs, and video on Tampa Bay Film!


Sunburn Film Festival

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A Revolution Class web site, like the one that Tampa Bay Film uses, for our upcoming official web site is being built, and will launch soon!

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